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Salt Factory Worker

Salt Factory Worker

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Target age for traffickers


People In Modern Day Slavery Today


of Victims are women and children

Our Solution

Break the Cycle of Vulnerability

Transition Home

Everyone needs safe, decent and stable housing, with an atmosphere of love to learn and grow in.  All of our girls would be forced onto the streets without Beauty For Ashes Transition home.  Our home provides for their immediate and basic needs, but our efforts go much deeper and further too.


Education is the key to breaking the cycle of vulnerability through the generations.  Not only does education bring opportunity, identity, dignity and possibilities to exploited girls, but education can transform you and me.  Without awareness that modern day slavery exists, we would not see the need.


We believe ending exploitation cannot be done by any one means, it must be done in community - by everyone.  Our heart is to create communities unified by the passion to end exploitation.  We are created for connection, and we can do more for each other and together than we can apart.

Callista's Story

I’m a girl who born as a result of a prostitution. I opened my eyes finding myself moving from family to family, house to house, hand to hand. By the time I turned 20 years-old I had lived with 20 different families. They were not relatives, each one of those families have their own routine of life, system, habits, traditions, and culture and you have to fit in, sleeping time, eating time, talking time, watching time, if they are conservative you have to be conservative too, and if they are open minded you have to be like them too.   It means you have to reformat yourself before putting your first step into each house. At the beginning this was very difficult, but with time it didn’t really matter to me as much as finding good treatment. Unfortunately, most of them they share the same rules. Nothing for free. you should be a babysitter, a housekeeper, a cook. Some families hit me or kicked me out because I didn’t do all what they want from me. Others I ran away from to save myself from being raped, abused, etc...

"All my life I’ve been like a prospector, but instead of looking for treasure, I’m looking for a family."

About Us

BFA Africa is a non-profit organization.  Our vision is a world without exploitation.  We believe by breaking the cycle of vulnerability in one person’s life it will lead to the transformation of an entire family, the generations that follow, and communities and nations in which they live.

1st Victim Housing For Girls In Morocco

Instagram Post - Happiness Funny Word Meaning  (Facebook Post) (3 x 2 in) (2)

Instagram Post - Happiness Funny Word Meaning (Facebook Post) (3 x 2 in) (2)

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Untitled design (6)

Instagram Post - Happiness Funny Word Meaning  (Facebook Post) (3 x 2 in) (3)

Instagram Post - Happiness Funny Word Meaning (Facebook Post) (3 x 2 in) (3)

Instagram Post - Happiness Funny Word Meaning  (Facebook Post) (3 x 2 in)

Instagram Post - Happiness Funny Word Meaning (Facebook Post) (3 x 2 in)



girls rescued

locals trained in trauma counseling

16 prevention projects funded

450 community members


Freedom Community

Freedom Community Members break the cycle of vulnerability for 10 at-risk girls every month


Volunteers and Interns


Business Partners


Organizations and Foundations


Monthly Donors

Members are committed to ending exploitation by donating their time, talents, or monetary gifts each month.

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