Trauma Training Manuals

Trauma Training Manuals


In North Africa there is little training for anyone in the social work field that speaks to working with victims of trauma.  Trauma based counseling is a new concept there.  Because our House Moms work directly with victims of trauma, our Founder Lauren Byler has written, translated and designed a trauma based counseling manual for the House Moms within an Arab context.  This manual is so vital to helping the House Moms prepare and assist in the healing and restoration of the girls in our home.  Your gift of $40 will cover the cost of printing one manual, we hope to have 8 printed this year for use in training new house moms preparing to open our Second Transition Home in 2023!

  • Hear From A about her DREAMS

    “A” when did you begin to go to school?

    I didn’t start school until I was placed in [a center], they introduced me to education, gave me an orientation, and then I began to study there. At that time I was 13 years old.

    “What was your family like”

    When I was young I lived only with my mom, my dad died, and then my mom was…my mom went away and I was sent to the center after that.

    “Why is education important”

    Education is important because through it you can realize your dreams, like to begin an association that helps others, for instance, if I become an engineer I can design a hospital that serves people.

    “Why do you want to study engineering?”

    I want to study engineering because I like it and feel relaxed when I’m studying it.

    “What are your dreams?”

    My dreams are to finish my studies, and accomplish all the things I want to do, to look for my family and gather them together, and I would like to build an animal refuge for abandoned animals.

    “How will the opportunity to study engineering reflect upon your life?”

    If I become an engineer I could do all the things I want to do. Maybe I could buy my own house, at that time I would be free to do what I wanted. I could realize my dreams, travel and do whatever I want. I could do something to aid humanity, to help people, I could design something, like, I could design a house for girls to live in who have nowhere else to go, like us here.