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Meet The Team

Finding Freedom In Every Person

Welcome to the Freedom Community.  We want you to feel like you belong here.  We are made for freedom.  By working together to set others free, we will find ourselves more free too.  So come and join us on this journey to freedom.

Fists in Solidarity
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Lauren Byler

Founder | North Africa Director

Lauren is an incrediblly humble and loving individual.  She is full of grace and wisdom, and the perfect person to lead our Transition Home.  As a licensed counselor and having lived in North Africa for over 8 years she is uniquely gifted to guide young girls out of vulnerability and into safe independence.  Her and her husband are a dynamic team, creating a rich and powerful environment for healing, learning, growing, dreaming and freedom from day one in the Transition Home.

Chrissy Duke

U.S. Director

Hi!  I my name is Chrissy, I am a wife and mom and US Director of this incredible organization.  I am humbled to be helping lead this movement that I have been passionate about since my first trip to Africa 15 years ago.  I  lived in North Africa for 8 years, and now live in the U.S. with the vision to connect each one of you, who are uniquely gifted, to our work to end modern day slavery.

I am a person who is highly motivated by social change.  I also find great joy in connecting others to opportunities to love well and uplift the people we find ourselves around. We have the chance together to make a difference in the people around us, specifically the people who may not have the opportunity to speak up for themselves.  

Tasha Hicks

Volunteer Coordinator

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North Africa Staff

Our staff is made up of the most incredible local and foreign individuals. Without their efforts this work would be impossible. We have four house “Moms” who work tirelessly to love, organize, encourage, and aid each girl in our home.  We have part-time staff who organize volunteers and handle endless details and all the little things that often go unmentioned.  We are so grateful for a team who are always smiling, work hard, have fun, encourage one another, use their gifts, and give their time and energy to fight for freedom.

U.S. Board of Directors


Chrissy Duke


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Lauren Byler

Founder and Vice President

Man in Blue Shirt

Paul Schraf

Building Technician


Tricia Duke

Community Advocate


Lois Schwietzer


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