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Become An Expert In Freedom

You will find educational resources including curriculums, books, and movies to give you the information and tools to start bringing freedom to those around you.  Education and awareness are the first step to preventing human trafficking!

Studying in Library

BFA Prevention Curriculum

This is a 4 - part series geared towards highschoolers and adults.  You can simply watch the videos, or download the accompanying lesson materials.  This is great to use as an individual or with a group!


The Full Workshop includes:

1. Lesson Plan: This will walk you through each step to go through the curriculum and accompanying activities as a group (roughly 1 hr to complete).

2. Video Access (roughly 15 min).

3. All Worksheets and additional resources for the lesson.

4.  Extra: Q & A video with U.S. Director. 


Session 1

What Is Human Trafficking

Image by Raúl Cacho Oses

Session 2

Causes Of Human Trafficking

Image by Thiébaud Faix

Session 3

How to Fight Human Trafficking

Image by Annie Spratt

Session 4

Take Action

BFA Educational Videos

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