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What is Freecember?

Beauty For Ashes is excited to be launching our FREEcember campaign this month! But you may be wondering, what exactly is FREEcember?

FREEcember is all about FREEDOM in the month of December; it’s one month of focused fundraising for anti-human trafficking and anti-modern slavery nonprofits. This month-long invitation is for more people to donate to anti-trafficking charities everywhere—so, of course, Beauty For Ashes is participating!

This year, we have set an ambitious goal: Beauty For Ashes hopes to raise $20,000 to start a medical fund for the girls in our home.

Currently, we don’t have any sort of medical fund, which means we pay out of our own pockets when the girls need medical help. This fund would help us cover the costs for lab testing, doctor appointments, prescriptions, mental health needs, and various emergencies that arise unexpectedly.

Currently, we’ve raised $3,285. If you’d like to donate, click here.

Here are a few other ways you can get involved with FREEcember:

  1. Find a team to join to help Beauty For Ashes raise more funds.

  2. Create your own challengeand/or build a team. A challenge can be anything you’ve been wanting to do lately, such as give up coffee, feed the homeless, spend less time on your phone, etc. The options are endless!

  3. Like Beauty For Ashes on Facebookand Instagram, then share our posts about FREEcember!


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