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Sponsor A Girl At-Risk

We are launching a new opportunity for you to JOIN the FIGHT!

You can now sponsor a girl in our Transition Home, to protect her from being at-risk to Human Trafficking, and living on the streets of North Africa.

❌It is estimated that 40.3 million people are trapped in Human Trafficking today. 👶Of these millions of victims, 25 percent are children, 👩‍👩75 percent are female, and 🔨81 percent are trapped in some form of forced labor

According to Department of Defense Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime. Sex-trafficking alone generates an estimated $99 million per year!

You can stop this horror for young girls!

With your help one girl can:

  1. Have a Safe Place to Live and Grow!

  2. Have food and learn to cook for herself and the home!

  3. Finish her Education!

  4. Receive weekly Counseling!

  5. Have the mentorship of two devoted House Mom’s!

  6. Help finding a safe Job!

  7. Help Transitioning safely and Independently into Society!

  8. Gain genuine friendships!

  9. Learn to live in a community of Trust!

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