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Overwhelmed by the Human Trafficking Epidemic?

Are you overwhelmed by the scope of the human trafficking epidemic around the world? We are too.

👉🏻 Here are some things we’ve learned when it all gets to be too much.

#1 One thing at a time. The Starfish principle: there may be a million stranded starfish but when you throw one back in the ocean, it makes a difference to that one

#2 This is going to take everyone. So no matter your involvement whether big or small, it matters.

#3 Someone else is not more qualified to do this fight than you! We are all uniquely gifted and whether you have time, talent, money, or wisdom to offer, it is all important. You matter!

#4 Breathe. Give yourself a day to relax, be free. Experience freedom at its best so we remember why it is we are fighting. Freedom matters, enjoy it.

#5 Believe it’s worth it. Human beings are worth the fight and wading through the overwhelming statistics to reach that next one. Fighting when it isn’t easy is when it matters most.

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